Flat Markers:


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Granite markers can be either flat or on a slant.  Some Cemeteries only allow markers as the main headstone.  Flat markers are 4" in thickness and usually cover a single grave that is either set up for one or two burials.  In some cases the marker can be made larger to cover two graves, side by side.  Some cemeteries will permit flat markers to go at the foot of the grave (foot marker) in addition to a main headstone.  Slant markers usually range from 1-ft to 1 1/2-ft in height.  Also, depending on the regulation of your cemetery, the slant marker will either on a base or will sit directly on the foundation.  Base and height regulations are set by the cemetery.

DePaola Monument Company can create any design to you specifications, providing you with a palate of many different granite colors from which to choose.  Below are a few examples of flat and slant markers. To see our full selection, please call to arrange an appointment at your convenience at either of our two locations, or at your home.

Slant Markers: